Mobile. Wallet. Marketing

Mobile wallet is an effective media channel to connect with your target audiences

You can create digital business card online for Apple Wallet users

Online create and add your digital business card to Apple Wallet, share it digitally and enable a new marketing channel using the mobile wallet technology.

Mobile Engagement

We create the conditions for you to stay connected with your target audiences and develop brand awareness.

Benefit from mobile wallet campaigns through mobile wallet technology which offer a range of services beyond use payments

Create your brand digital identity and store in customer’s mobile wallet

Apple Wallet is preloaded in all iphone.  Mobile business card provides a digital experience for profile sharing and enables new engagement model for marketers.

Mobile marketing campaigns through customer’s mobile wallet

A new mobile engagement, communication, personalized branding messages can be sent once mobile business card are shared and installed in customer’s mobile wallet

Why do people love Pillar?

Built for designers and developers alike, Pillar combines an engaging look with squeaky-clean code.

  • Marketer


    — Lucas Greenberg, Designer

    ”A new digital way to create my own digital mobile business card and it is so easy to share with my friends, customers and business partners who are Apple iPhone users”

  • Developers

    — Danielle Hawkins, CEO of Startup

    “I like the way how digital mobile business card can connect me with the business partners and customers with data push technology via Apple Wallet.”


Why Mobile Wallet Marketing?

Marketers are probably not paying attention enough in mobile wallet. Aneble offers a solution for marketer to tap into mobile wallet users through digital business card and mobile wallet passes


Unlike traditional static paper business card or plastic card, digital mobile wallet cards are the breathable asset on your audience’s phone.  You can update it, send new content to it or even send mobile notifications to your audiences.


Mobile wallet card act much like lightweight apps, offer similar functionality but with a lower barrier to adoption but high retention rates compared with mobile apps.


Really easy to get mobile passes or card developed, distributed to your audiences and installed.